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Fair and Inclusive Mortgage Lending Outreach

The premier 2023 resource guide for implementing fair lending goals. Covers modern-day redlining, appraisal equality, marketplace demographics, credit needs assessment, peer analysis, product enhancement, community outreach, and preparing for an examination.

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  • Clear explanations of fair lending regulations 
  • Outlines the action steps expected by regulatory agencies 
  • PDF format with dozens of infographics and weblinks to resources

Latest Blog Post

Fannie Mae Updates Appraiser Independence Requirements

Fannie Mae released new requirements on September 19, 2023 that are considered important protections for mortgage investors, homebuyers, and the housing market. Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR) set forth standards to safeguard the independence, objectivity, and impartiality of appraisers and other independent parties throughout the valuation process for 1-4 residential properties. Property Data Collector Independence Requirements (PDCIR) set forth standards to safeguard the independence, objectivity, and impartiality…

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